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30 April 2024
Press Release

Younger Generation Takes Action to Protect the Environment “The 13th Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) Kick Off Event”

Jakarta - Toyota Eco Youth (TEY), a competition held for Senior High Schools and Equivalent at the national level to create projects and innovations to improve the environment, is entering the 13th year. This competition aims to raise awareness of Indonesia's younger generation, and make contributions to solve real environmental issues.

To start, today (30 April 2024) the 13th TEY kick off event was held under the theme "EcoActivism, Take Action, Protect the Earth" which focuses on the efforts made by young people to decarbonize. This hybrid event was held at one of the cultural and historical locations in Kota Tua Jakarta, namely the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. This event was attended in person by high school students from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Karawang, and by online by 25 high schools in all regions in Indonesia. TEY invites high school students and equivalent, in groups of 2 students and 1 accompanying teacher, who are required to submit project proposals and innovations to improve the environment. The kick off event is followed by dissemination, proposal selection, project guidance, project implementation and mentoring, final judging, and announcement of winners.

TEY focuses on decarbonization efforts under the theme "EcoActivism, Take Action, Protect the Earth". This program is expected to not only reduce emissions, but also explore and take advantage of new opportunities, aiming at developing the community's economy. "The synergy of all parties is required to realize the decarbonization efforts. This includes participation of younger generation as the main pillar for contributing to a greener future," said Bob Azam, Deputy President Director of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN)."

"Toyota Indonesia is committed to implementing Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, by reducing emissions from the vehicles it produces, and supporting Indonesia Net Zero Emission 2060 to create a pleasant environment for everyone. "With Multi-Pathway Strategy, Toyota Indonesia initiated IT'S TIME FOR EVERYONE, inviting people to contribute to preserve the environment according to their abilities, such as using Toyota's complete range of electrified vehicles, and taking small steps that lead to positive impact," said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor. (TAM), Henry Tanoto.

Younger Generation Takes Action and Makes A Breakthrough

Realizing that younger generation as the key role in sustainable earth needs support, TEY program is expected to become a platform for active participation of all parties, especially students in secondary schools who have developed awareness for the environment. They are expected to take real action to accelerate the Government's target in achieving optimal emission reduction by 2060. 

In 2005, Toyota Indonesia (PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia and PT Toyota-Astra Motor) held TEY program. This program invites high schools or equivalent to compete on green movement and aims to raise people’s awareness on environment. This program has involved the participation of 1,700 high school students or equivalent from 34 provinces in Indonesia, and received approximately 4,000 project proposals.

"Active participation of the younger generation can be realized in the 13th TEY activities to support them develop simple ideas into decarbonization innovations, which create benefits to the surrounding environment. This program would not have lasted for almost 20 years without support and positive synergy from the Government, schools, and relevant communities, as well as experts in their fields," added Bob Azam.

"Toyota continues to develop various ways to achieve carbon neutrality in line with the spirit of 'continuous improvement’ and one of them is by developing selected ideas and innovations from TEY participants. Despite great challenges in the future, it is expected that TEY can stimulate the enthusiasm of younger generation in exploring innovative ideas that can be accepted everyone. Therefore, people’s contribution in preserving the environment may increase," said Henry Tanoto.

At the 13th TEY Kick Off event, a talk show under the theme "Discussion on Actions to Protect the Earth" was also presented, which featured speakers from carbon neutrality activists from the younger generation, namely Swietenia Puspa Sari and Zidane Nur Adha. The speakers discussed the challenges of global climate change and activities that can be done to contribute to the surrounding environment. This is expected to inspire the younger generation to participate and take action.

*The 13th TEY program is open to all high school students and equivalent throughout Indonesia. For further information, you can visit the website to check the details of the requirements and registration stages.

Consistent Contribution

As an ongoing program, TEY is also building an eco gallery, which is an environmental learning facility. A total of 32 schools in Indonesia which has been constantly participated in this competition, received eco gallery facility as a place for learning and conducting activities related to environmental improvement projects and innovations. This program has become a platform for active participation in developing the awareness of the next generation to support Indonesia’s target to become carbon neutral. It is expected that the commitment to disseminate decarbonization actions to students will play a key role to achieve sustainability goals and maintain the continuity of nature for the next generation.

A number of decarbonization efforts are also realized through various green initiatives to absorb emissions released from the oceans and air. For example, mangrove planting activities have been carried out since 2013 covering an area of 14 hectares in Cilebar and Cilamaya, and have succeeded in absorbing more than 2,300 tonnes of carbon emissions. In addition, a cherry blossom park was developed in Lawu, Central Java in collaboration with various parties since 2018, and bamboo garden was also built by planting 17 types of bamboo in the Karawang Factory area, West Java. 

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