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20 June 2024
Press Release

Supporting Green Tourism Transformation in Bali - The Stones Hotel Introduces Airport Shuttle Service with Toyota Electrified Vehicles

Bali, Thursday, June 20, 2024 – Bali as a world-renowned tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage continues to strengthen its position as a pioneer in sustainable tourism. In line with the Indonesian Government's goal of achieving Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060, Bali is set to lead the way, targeting NZE by 2045 through innovative sustainability practices in tourism. These initiatives include adopting environmentally friendly energy sources like solar panels, encouraging the use of electric vehicles with incentives, establishing electric vehicle charging stations, implementing sustainable waste management, conserving water, and promoting greening and reforestation. These initiatives not only aim to improve air quality but also to enhance Bali's appeal as a premium tourist destination with a cleaner and healthier environment.

To support the sustainable initiatives, The Stones Hotel - Legian Bali, Autograph Collection, in collaboration with PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), has introduced an electrified vehicles (xEV) mobility project as an airport shuttle service between I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and The Stones Hotel. This significant milestone in the hospitality business includes a variety of electrified vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the Kijang Innova Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), and Yaris Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The pilot project, which began in February 2024, allows customers to choose vehicles that meet their comfort and preferences while contributing to low-emission transportation. This aligns with the hotel's commitment to ensuring every journey is environmentally friendly and enjoyable.

Franklyn Kocek, General Manager of The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali, shared his enthusiasm for this initiative, saying, "We are excited to lead the way in sustainable transportation solutions in Bali, in collaboration with PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, to introduce an airport shuttle service featuring various electrified vehicle technologies, including the iconic Kijang Innova BEV Conversion, the only one in Indonesia. This initiative not only offers a luxurious travel experience for our guests but also reducing our collective carbon footprint.”

Guests can use this service for rates between IDR 350,000 and IDR 375,000++ per vehicle per trip. This exclusive shuttle service offers not only comfort, accommodating up to three adults with four pieces of luggage, but also an environmentally friendly transportation solution. To support this collaboration, The Stones Hotel has launched 'Let's Get Electrified' campaign. This campaign is more than just a slogan; it is a call to action, encouraging visitors and the community to be part of the global movement towards a green and sustainable tourism transformation in Bali.

Sustainable Mobility Solutions
The primary emphasis is to enhance visitor experience with xEV mobility services. This innovative combination ensures not only safety and comfortable travel but also helps reduce the carbon footprint. This initiative is a concrete step towards providing an unforgettable experience, where every detail of the service is designed to increase visitors' awareness and participation in supporting environmental sustainability.

President of TMMIN Nandi Julyanto revealed that in response to increasingly complex mobility issues and different consumer needs, Toyota continues to develop to create affordable environmentally friendly solutions that are in line with technological improvements.

"With a range of electrified vehicle options such as BEV, PHEV, and HEV, Toyota Indonesia reaffirms its commitment to offering diverse and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. The development of the Innova BEV conversion since 2022 reflects our progressive steps in expanding our electrification portfolio. Through this initiative, we not only offer environmentally friendly and electrified vehicles but also create opportunities for consumers to explore various mobility solutions that suit their needs. With our multi-pathway approach, we are determined to build a sustainable and adaptive ecosystem, ensuring that the future of mobility is efficient and inclusive, including for tourism areas like Bali," said Nandi Julyanto.

Bob Azam, Vice President Director of TMMIN, noted that the development of the Innova BEV conversion vehicle has been a significant milestone in exploring all the possibilities and potential of sustainable mobility solutions. Since February 2024, Innova BEV conversion vehicle trials have reached 80,000 km, covering various types of roads across Java and Bali, successfully identifying and addressing technical problems as well as its countermeasures. Currently, TMMIN is continuing the test to reach 100,000 km. The test results are useful to obtain findings and technical improvement on electrified vehicles and batteries, it also provides valuable insights for the development of specialized competence of local engineers later, in line with Toyota's spirit, "We make people before we make a product".

"We believe that understanding feedback and direct findings from stakeholders including customers is crucial before we expand the utilization of these conversion vehicles. This feedback forms the foundation for our local engineers to enhance their knowledge and know-how in BEV technology and its ecosystem needed. This effort not only adds significant value to the development of skilled labor but also positively drives the competitiveness of the automotive industry in Indonesia," said Bob Azam.

Green Tourism Transformation in Bali
Another initiative conducted by Toyota to promote green tourism transformation in Bali is a transportation system based on electrification and digital technology organized by Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) through the Sustainable Mobility Advancing Real Transformation (SMART) program in Ubud as a premium tourist area, which has been opened from September 2023 to May 2024. Moving forward, Toyota Group will continue to leverage the electrification technology and knowledge developed through its business activities and collaborations with various partners to promote activities aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

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