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21 February 2024
Press Release

TMMIN becomes Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 Role Model for Receiving the National Lighthouse Industry 2024 Award

Jakarta, Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - Indonesia's industrial transformation towards the Industry 4.0 era is being encouraged by the National Lighthouse Industry 2024 award given to PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) for its contribution to increasing productivity and competitiveness in the domestic automotive industry. This award was presented by the Minister of Industry, Agus Kartasasmita, to Vice President Director of TMMIN, Bob Azam, on Wednesday (21/02/2024) at the JS Luwansa & Convention Center Hotel, Jakarta. 

Indonesia faces the challenge of continuously improving industrial productivity in order to compete effectively with other countries. To address this challenge, the Indonesian government promotes transformation through IR 4.0 as a foundation to enhance productivity in five priority sectors, namely the electronics, textile, chemical, food and beverage sectors, including the automotive industry which contributes greatly to GDP from the manufacturing sector, exports of industrial products, and employment.

In supporting this transformation, the government is also developing the "lighthouse" concept in each sector to provide encouragement and examples for other industries. Each company that wins this award is expected to encourage other industry players to jointly realize IR 4.0 in Indonesia.

"We are grateful to the Indonesian government for the trust given through the awarding of this National Lighthouse Industry 4.0. This motivates us to enhance our role as a role model and collaboration as a government dialogue partner in the transformation and technology of industry 4.0 in Indonesia. TMMIN will continue to be a locomotive in the development of the supply chain in Indonesia for the better, which can benefit the competitiveness of the Indonesian automotive industry towards the era of electrification and carbon neutrality," said Bob Azam.

The presence of IR 4.0 has been given special attention through the launch of Making Indonesia 4.0 by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, since 2018. The transformation brings the potential for Indonesia to become one of the top 10 economic powers in the world by 2030. To achieve this goal, the Center for Digital Industry 4.0 (PIDI 4.0) was established by the Ministry of Industry with the vision of becoming a one-stop solution in adopting industry 4.0 in Indonesia and becoming Indonesia 4.0’s window to the world.

PIDI 4.0 also serves as a lighthouse simulator platform for industries in Indonesia, through five main services presented in the facility namely showcase center, ecosystem for industry 4.0, capability center, consultation center, engineering & AI center. TMMIN is present at PIDI 4.0 in order to be able to participate in supporting Industry 4.0 with the hope of advocating the concept of supply chain connectivity (block chain), strengthening industrial competitiveness through human resource development and digital transformation through the standardization of digital-based devices for Toyota Production System (TPS) simulations that can be a learning tool for those in need.

 For TMMIN, the digital era transformation, which is the basis of Industry 4.0, has become a necessity. Moreover, about 52% of TMMIN's products are used to fulfil export demands to more than 100 countries. Ensuring customer satisfaction in both domestic and export markets makes the transformation towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 a must.

 "The journey of Toyota Indonesia's industrial development, which started as an importer and then evolved into a key player in the national automotive industry's local production and export base, reaching the export market for electrification vehicles, is not an overnight process but a long struggle to significantly contribute to Indonesia's trade balance. The automotive industry must build higher competitiveness to win in the market. This can only be achieved by enhancing productivity efficiency through the implementation of every aspect of Industry 4.0 across the entire supply chain to meet both domestic and export markets," said Bob.

 According to Bob Azam, TMMIN has been preparing a roadmap for several years to face the increasingly tight competition in the Industry 4.0 era. The implementation of the Industry 4.0 Roadmap at TMMIN has entered stage 2, which lasts until 2024. This stage 2 (2022-2024) emphasizes TMMIN's steps to become a role model in the application of digital technology in the automotive sector with three focuses, namely logistics, maintenance and quality, with the innovative programs such as Robot Process Automation (RPA), Predictive Maintenance, e-Warehouse, Quality Inspection and Engine Traceability.

 This stage aims to encourage human resources’ insight into data and digital innovation in the automotive industry, this includes establishing the xEV Center, a public advocacy facility for electrification and green energy at the TMMIN Karawang 3 plant, and participation in PIDI 4.0 to build a sustainable green industry, a big leap for the industrial sector towards carbon neutrality. Through the Toyota Learning Center, TMMIN is also mapping the needs for specific digital skills while developing the required education and training curriculums.

 "We continuously strive to facilitate employees in expanding their skills to support the implementation of Industry 4.0, by producing certified business and system analysts, competent human resources can be developed to design basic and comprehensive strategies for the development and implementation of Industry 4.0 in the company. Until 2025, we plan to conduct training sessions closely related to "Real Time" and "Connectivity" with the priority of building a digital ecosystem and increasing the competence of Indonesian automotive industry human resources," said Bob Azam.

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